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Sunday, March 26, 2017

  • Humans Completed: Human males are now finished and can be customized to each player's liking. More hair styles, faces, etc will be added after official release. Up next, male orcs.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

  • Human Hair Styles: Got a few hair styles done today which are available in 8 different colors. The black colors need to be improved because the code makes black transparent "complicated". Either gotta edit the images and use an off-black or change the code to transparent a color that's never used (not sure how it will look, black was used because of the outline of the toons). More hair styles will be available tomorrow.

Friday, March 24, 2017

  • Human Facial Expressions: Just been busy, helping others outside work here. I know it's not a lot but I did the human facial expressions today. Also edited the body tones to add ears, originally had ears in the facial files but a pale ear looked funny on all the other tones. Now the my partner is back to work, I should be on WoH more often. Hair styles & colors are expected tomorrow.

Friday, March 3, 2017

  • Been Awhile: Sorry it's been awhile since I've gotten anything done. Been a little busy with side work helping my landlord at his new place. Every night I get home and I'm just too tired to get anything done, usually just watch a movie and pass out. Today is my gf's bday so I'm tied up most likely for the weekend and then not sure about next week because there's still lots to do at landlords. I think I'll have Monday off so I'll try to get the facial expressions done for the hero creator then, or at least sometime that week if I'm busy Monday. I'm behind on payments so the extra work for me helps a lot with my rent, hope you guys understand. Will keep you posted, thanks!
  • Server Upgrade: Last 2 weeks I've been trying to upgrade the server so I can create SSH certificates for free (because google recommends people get with the times sort of thing) but half way through the process I cancelled the new server because they made it seem like it would take forever transferring my sites and I didn't like the idea of a team moving my projects. I can do this easily myself and I will but not until I know I have an entire week to work on it. The issue here is while the sites are being transferred to the new server it will take 3-5 days for the hostname to completely update for everyone. So while some may be using the old server, some may be already updated to use the new server and this can cause complications with the data being saved so there a little bit more I gotta do to ensure this is a smooth transition. Anyway, this won't be for awhile now but it will be happening for sure in the near future, before WoH is released. I may even decide to just create a new server for WoH and then transfer the older projects later, WoH might need it's own server anyway since battles are live and data is constantly being fetched every second which is going to use up a lot of server resources.

Monday, Feb 13, 2017

  • Expressions: I wanted to get started on character features today but it annoys me that when selecting a different race that doesn't support a class, that it just resets to a default class instead of choosing either the first class or random class that the race supports. Yea, may sound confusing and you may not notice a difference but the issues, goals within the code take a lot of time. Today involved a lot of powernaps, because I just could not figure out how to make the character creation work as intended. Think I'm getting close now to figuring out the class limitations per race then all that's left is making the blue outlines stick for both race & class buttons, and not just 1 button out of all of em. I feel like no one will understand what I'm saying, but like I said... I'll try to keep you guys posted daily so you know WoH is being heavily worked on, development in full throttle.
  • Female Characters: Although the arrows work (but no designs to show), and the character creator is coming along well.. kinda forgot about the females. I've created the female human way back, but the female orc, elf and undead are still not designed, and then I gotta make the male outfits fit (altered to be sexier of coarse) which is gonna take time. Not as much as it did to create the original male designs. The character creation and most likely every other aspect of the game will take, in my mind forever but don't let that discourage you (I think I'm talking to myself here) lol...
  • It's 2017, not 2016!: Fixed the year dated on these updates, I was posting in 2016 instead of 2017.. whoops. These updates are hard-coded, which means there isn't a form for me to use, that sets the date automatically. I'll eventually get to it but to me news posts / updates aren't as important as the actual game. Game first, complicated fancy automated web-page stuff later.
  • As Always: Check back daily for more rants, comments and more importantly, updates!

Sunday, Feb 12, 2017

  • Classes: Race & class buttons are working well, still a few kinks to work out... Which race & class will you choose? After finishing the Necron outfit I remembered Orcs & Elves can't play Necron or Crusader which saves a lot of time from re-designing for those classes.
  • Whats Next: Face, hair & accessories for each character still need to be designed before I can move on but will probably start working on maps/quests next.

Friday, Feb 10, 2017

  • Necron Outfit: Yea, pretty much just been working on designs all week, designed 3 different necron outfits, kinda picky =P
  • Crusader Outfit: Altered the crusaders starting gear. Wasn't digging the old colors.

Monday, Feb 6, 2017

  • Hero Images: Tried to save time by resizing items to fit night elves "by code" but then the quality drops so now I'm just manually resizing all items for the elves class. This doesn't take long, maybe a minute or two but Orcs on the other hand, need to be re-designed to fit. Basically gotta design each item twice, "and possibly more per new classes added".
  • New Designs: Finished designing mage & cleric for orcs. Resized mage & cleric for elves and finished Crusader's chest piece. Crusader leggings and orc re-designs for crusader should be done by tomorrow.

Saturday, Feb 4, 2017

  • Layout: Shadows are now covering all text, seems easier to read. Probably not supported in IE but I'll do more testing & hacks later. Game is being built (using chrome) so not sure how layout will look yet on other browsers. Regardless, no one should be using IE.
  • Hero Creator: Finished writing race & class descriptions. Currently designing priest & mage designs, fitting items for orcs.

Friday, Feb 3, 2017

  • Layout: Spent most of the day messing with and improving the layout for all devices.
  • Hero Creator: Started writing race & class descriptions, programmed them to change when selecting race or class.

Thrusday, Feb 2, 2017

  • Hero Creator: All races & tones have been added. Designed the first few items today, will soon display different armor & weapons depending on class. Designs are time consuming but coming along great. I'm sure things will speed up once the code & at least 1 design for each item is completed so it's faster to paste and align. Facial, hair, color, accessories still need to be designed, one thing at a time. I'll keep you posted =)

Weds, Feb 1, 2017

  • Human Tones: Making progress on hero creator, tones can now be flipped through for humans. Now that hard part is over (the code for each button) we should be able to see other races & tones by tomorrow, it's just a matter of designing them. Then comes the weapon & armor set designs for each class. Should look pretty sweet once it's done & cleaned up =)

Weds, Jan 25, 2017

  • What a Mess: I'm aware the site layout is a little off/buggy and I'm not satisfied with little things like buttons. Trying to move forward with the game (so everyone can play sooner) and then will come back to improve the little things. Hopefully in the future we'll have a dedicated designer to redo these character designs, items, etc to look more bad ass. My designing skills only go so far but I'm trying my best. Coding is my cup of tea.

Tuesday, Jan 24, 2017

  • Create Hero Demo: Hasn't been an update in awhile, it's because I've been working on the same thing and it's still not finished. Was hoping to just post the update when it's complete but it's taking forever so I posted a link above so you can see the progress everyday until I can post it's done. I'm coding, designing and teaching myself all at the same time, and it takes a lot of time and power naps.

Wednesday, Jan 18, 2017

  • Elven Design: Elven character has been created. Similar to Human & Undead.. the real challenge is making items fit every class, especially the Orge. Starting work on the character creator now.
  • EDITED** Changed a few characteristics, face was too similar to human.

Tuesday, Jan 17, 2017

  • Undead Design: The undead body has been designed tonight. Remember these won't be single designs, players will be able to customize these characters (hair, face, skin, etc) and will be able to equip items. In the next few updates, you will see what I mean when I link the character creation page but first I need to finish the Elven Body, and then do female versions of each race. (There are 4 races currently)

Monday, Jan 16, 2017

  • Human Design: Hope everyone's weekend was alright. I usually spend it with my significant other since she's off too. Last night before bed I started detail the human's a bit more since the orcs turned out good. I was going to start the Undead & Elven toons but since they are similar shape to Humans, I figure I better be happy with their body so I'm not detailing back and forth. Easier to copy human body with details, slightly change height and width depending on class, then change color. Undead are more of a white, gray kinda color. Exact same size as humans (except bones are protruding) and night elves are a bit taller & skinnier. Will post some pictures later tonight.

Thursday, Jan 12, 2017

  • Orge Design: Hulk Smash!! Currently working on the character creation page that will allow you to choose your class and customize your characters appearance. Will link a demo when it's some what presentable.

Wednesday, Jan 11, 2017

  • Layout: Combined login & updates page. Took awhile to make the front page mobile friendly even though it's unlikely that the actual game will be mobile friendly due to the designs inside the game, at least not until a stable release is finished.

Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017

  • Layout: Welcome to the improved layout & updates page. Will post daily to keep everyone in the loop about the development of War of Heroes.
  • Designed Toons: Have been bipolar with the idea but it's been decided that the game would just be a whole lot better if we could see our character actually wielding a bad ass 2-hand sword like the one displayed on this page "concept design" It's going to be more time consuming & tiring designing the characters and items but the finished product should be well worth it. Will let players demo the character creation to view the different looks & weapons soon.
  • Forums: Thinking sometime in the near future, allowing players to comment here & start their own topics on a forum. Personally not a big fan of using forums so things may change.

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